Top Reasons to Apply the Bitcode Method Tools in Your Trading Strategy

Improved Performance

The testimonials from our happy clients are enough proof of the amazing potential of trading with us. Expert reviewers on leading trading platform review sites echo the feedback from traders.


Affordable Trading Tools

We have been providing all the trading tools for free since launch. Anyone can register and access them without paying a dime. This is superb given that our closest competitors charge license fees of up to $5000 per year.


Multiple Trading Platforms

You can access the trading systems through which the Bitcode Method tools are offered on your smartphone. The broker provides trading systems, including the MT4 and the cTrader. These trading programs are provided in mobile, desktop, and web formats.


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Bitcode Method Features


High-quality research

We help you maximize all opportunities in the crypto markets by offering tools to help you build powerful trading research strategies. The tools have been tested by thousands of traders and have proven highly effective. These tools are also expert-tested. You can find expert reports on third-party review sites.


Top-level risk management

Trading strategies only work if they are backed by powerful risk management practices. We help you build a robust trading risk management plan. You can also use our tools to build hedging strategies. These strategies will help you remain successful in falling prices. Short-selling is a hedging strategy.


Easy and fun Trading Process

Trading doesn’t have to be complicated and boring! We have developed tools to make the trading process easier for the beginner. These tools are powered by game-like features to help you enjoy the trading process. The tools reduce the beginner’s time to master the markets by more than 80%.


The Crypto Rollercoaster is picking up the Pace! Bitcode Method can help you Trade the Market Headwinds like a Pro!

The crypto bubble has been around for months and seems to be picking pace. Bitcoin has recently plummeted past $20,000 amid fears of increasing interest rates.

Top experts predict a massive crypto bubble. Bitcoin could fall past $10,000 in the next few weeks. Other cryptos are also likely to plummet due to systemic risk. The crypto bubble bust shouldn’t be confused with a crypto crash.

Five major crypto bubble bursts have been experienced since the introduction of bitcoin in 2009. Bitcoin lost more than 80% of its value before rebounding in the 2018 crypto crash. The rebound was followed by a massive boom that lasted for two years.

The boom pushed bitcoin prices to an all-time high of $68,000. Bitcoin has since then plummeted to less than $20,000. The best way to capitalize on the massive swings is to trade crypto through CFDs. These financial instruments allow you to place bets on the swings without owning the underlying asset.

Bitcode Method makes the crypto CFD trading process extremely easy. We do so by helping you build and execute powerful high-frequency trading strategies. You can use the Bitcode Method tools to build and execute tens of powerful strategies within minutes.

The Crypto bubble is here to stay! Bitcode Method can help you ride the selloff like a Pro!

Data from the most reputable crypto research firms predict that the current crypto selloff will continue for the next year.

The crypto bubble burst is triggered by the current volatility in global economies. Many countries are already taking drastic measures to fight the rising inflation. The global inflation is triggered by economic and political factors.

Global economies slowed down significantly during the peak of the Covid19 crisis. The pandemic has settled, but its impact on global economies remains intact. Political uncertainty in the European Union has exacerbated the problem.

The crypto industry was originally considered a haven in a failing fiat money system. However, this asset class is as sensitive to global economic headwinds as other high-risk investments.

The current crypto selloff echoes what is happening across all high-risk assets. Bloomberg attributes the current selloff to the fear of high-interest rates. You should use the Bitcode Method tools to build strategies to profit off the crypto burst.

Traders from all experience levels can use our tools to build powerful short-selling techniques. You can test the effectiveness of these techniques through our demo platform.


A well-thought-out risk management plan is mandatory in trading the crypto bubble bust. We offer the tools to help you build such a plan!

The reason why 90% of novice traders lose money is that they lack a risk management strategy. You are likely to fail if you ignore the risk management process.

A prudent trader should build risk strategies that correspond with their risk appetite. As a rule of thumb, you should never stake more than 2% of your equity. Moreover, you should plan your trades using the Stop Loss and Take Profit tools.

You should also diversify your trades and apply the requisite hedging strategies. The short-selling techniques are the best for hedging against risk. Bitcode Method provides all the tools required to build powerful risk management strategies.

Your risk management strategy should align with your financial status and risk appetite. Investopedia defines risk appetite as the general level of risk that a trader can handle. This level of risk is dictated by the trader’s financial status and trading psychology.

Traders operating on a lean budget should take the lowest level of risk. Those who can afford to risk more can adopt a high-risk/high-reward trading strategy. Our tools are the best for building short-selling strategies. This hedging strategy should help you remain profitable in all market conditions.

The powerful risk management strategies developed through our tools reduce trading risk by more than half. Nonetheless, a significant trading risk remains! You should only trade with what you can afford to lose.

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